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Proprietary Profiles for LED Applications

  • Leading Supplier of LED Extruded Profiles
  • Largest Selection of Profile Dies in Lighting Industry
  • Logistical Support Throughout North America
  • Extensive Design and Engineering Support on Proprietary LED Extrusions

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AC, DC & Color Tuning LED Modules

  • Custom and Off-The-Shelf LED Modules
  • Universal Input AC LED Modules
  • DC LED Modules
  • USA Designed
  • Manufactured Domestically and Internationally

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Matchless Wiring

Manufacturer of Wiring Harnesses & Electrical Components

  • Wiring Harnesses for LED Fixtures
  • Multi Connectors
  • Prepared Wire
  • Circuit Assemblies
  • Custom Cord and Plug Sets
  • Lead Time of 3 - 5 Days

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Extruded Sheet for LED and Fluorescent Applications 

  • Leading Supplier of Extruded Sheet for LED and Fluorescent Lighting
  • High Diffusion / High Light Transmission Sheet Reduces Glare, Provides Excellent Diffusion and Eliminates LED Hot Spots
  • Largest Selection of Extruded Sheet in the Lighting Industry
  • Logistical Support Throughout North America
  • Extensive Design and Engineering Support on Proprietary LED and Fluorescent Sheet

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Integrated LED Solutions and Controls

  • Line voltage linear LED Light Engines
  • LED Retrofit Kits for recessed downlight with horizontal CFLs
  • Decorative MR16 LED Retrofit Lamps for Pendant Fixtures
  • MR16C Track Heads for Track and Spot Lighting
  • Retrofit Lighting Controls

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BJB makes a variety of connectors for lighting applications, including COB LED holder systems.

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Citizen Electronics Co. Ltd.

As the first manufacturer of COB LEDs, Citizen leverages its advanced packaging technology and expertise to produce COB and SMD LED's for general lighting applications with superior brightness and efficacy and with excellent color control and reliability.

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EFORE (Formerly ROAL Electronics)

EFORE delivers the widest range of constant current drivers and the smallest constant voltage drivers available in the industry.

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GrafTech International

GrafTech produces the most reliable thermal interface materials for COB LED's with a simple, peel and stick design.

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Ideal Industries

Ideal Industries provides innovative high quality COB LED holders and LED optics adaptors.

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LEDiL is the leading optics supplier to the world's premier lighting manufacturers. LEDiL offers a wide range of top quality and cost-effective standard and custom lenses and reflectors for a variety of LED lighting applications.

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MechaTronix supplies aluminum reflectors, glass lenses, dust plates, and adaptors for high bay lighting applications.

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Mean Well USA 

Mean Well manufactures more than 1000 LED power supply models complying with global lighting standards and offering ingress protection levels from IP20~60

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OKAYA Electric America

A global leader in electrical noise suppression components, Okaya offers surge protection devices specifically designed for outdoor LED lighting applications.

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Magnum Energy Solutions

Magnum Energy Solutions is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative energy management controls for commercial applications.

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Phihong produces high efficiency LED drivers with long operational lifetimes and value-added features for a broad range of commercial LED lighting applications. Visit Phihong Online [wp-svg-icons icon="redo-2" wrap="i"]

US Lighting Components

US Lighting Components is a fully integrated custom OEM metal work manufacturer specializing in efficiently packed LED component kits ready for OEMs to assemble.USLC offers in-house engineering services to customize fixture designs for LED applications.USLC can provide UL approved or Multi-Listed Private Labeled products and operates under non-disclosure agreements to protect a customers’ proprietary designs.USLC is Buy American Act Compliant, sourcing materials and fabricating all of their components in the USA.

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Furukawa Electric

Furukawa Electric (Thermal Management Solutions) develops heat dissipation products for very high power COB LED applications that are less than half the weight of die cast and extruded heat sinks.

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Bender Wirth

Bender + Wirth offers the most comprehensive line of high quality, pre-wired COB holders with optics mounting options.

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